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Strength & Conditioning


As an ISA athlete, we want to focus on your physical development both on the court as well as off. Outside the lines, our Strength & Conditioning coaches, will push your physical limits to make you a better athlete. Our goal is to prepare each and every one of our student-athletes for a college training regimen.


Our Strength & Conditioning coaches use their background as musculoskeletal and movement specialists to develop athlete specific phase training programs which allow athletes to enhance their quality of movement and athletic performance. As part of our athlete’s programming, ISA focuses on biomechanics, movement quality, muscle imbalances, strength/conditioning, and manual therapy/recovery techniques.


Knowing the “WHY” behind each exercise that an athlete performs creates purpose and intent allowing the athlete to reach the optimal level of performance required to excel at their sport. Athletes of ISA will not only have a better understanding of recovery processes, but a knowledge and experience developing and implementing sports performance training programs for high-level athletes. The ISA training philosophies and implementation have become highly recognized throughout the United States.