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  • Eligibility Review

    NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, NCCAA, USCAA, and ACCA academic eligibility review for student-athlete

  • Prioritize

    Review student-athlete ‘wish list’ for college: Geographic Location, Course of study/major, Size of campus, Facilities

  • Market Athlete

    Market student-athlete to over 2,300 universities with scholastic sports in network

  • Selection

    Identify the best fit placement based on: Level of Play, Four-year opportunity, Cost, Campus Resources available

4 Phase Process


Eligibility Review

Learn about student
Academic and athletic intake (transcripts/film)
Identify preferences


Prioritize Options

List important factors playing into decision
Prioritize the numerous factors you think up
Create Pros-Cons list of viable options



Create detailed student-athlete profile
Market student to network of over 2,300 basketball coaches around the country
Make connection with interested coaches



Narrow selection field
Facilitate conversation between student and college basketball staff
Obtain financial package/Facilitate Enrollment

Parent Recruiting Resource

Do you think your child has a chance to play on a college or professional sports team? Let us walk you through the options. Schedule a free consultation.