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What is ISA?

ISA has welcomed over 100 student-athletes from 12 different countries around the world into our program.

The ISA full-time academy combines year round sport and performance training with an elite academic curriculum at Andrews Osborne Academy that prepares student-athletes grade 7th-12th or Post-Graduates (Gap Year) for higher education through a focus on critical and creative thinking, public speaking, and global awareness.

In addition to our full time academy, the International Sports Academy offers some of the country’s premier training and showcase camps. 

With a commitment to individual athletic improvement, through elite sport skills and performance training, our camps empower student-athletes to become successful leaders who are committed to serving in a truly international campus community.

Our staff’s focus goes beyond the court or field of play when training student-athletes to include proper recovery techniques, injury prevention, and safe nutritional practices.

What we offer

Boarding School

Elite Sports

College Placement

Sports Training

College Training

Strength Programs

High School Camps

Children’s Camps

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of the student-athlete experience by providing access to training, preparation, education, and leadership development.


International Sports Academy (ISA) was born in 2018 to satisfy the unique needs of today’s student-athletes. Existing programs and academies were failing to achieve excellence in both academics and athletics, and we don’t believe student-athletes and parents should be forced to choose between the two. Our mission is simple: To build the next generation of athletes and leaders.

ISA understands the holistic needs of student-athletes and delivers world-class preparation and programming to students from across the world. By providing custom class and training schedules, ISA is at the forefront of developing college-ready young men and women who are prepared to maximize their potential at the next level.

ISA respects the passion that a student-athlete puts into his or her sport and matches that enthusiasm with coaches and teachers who lead student-athletes in a positive, fast-paced, growth environment. ISA provides an unrivaled balance of sports, performance, academics, nutrition, recovery, and leadership training.  ISA’s carefully-selected, elite coaching staff has experience at the professional, college, club, and high school level.

Every student-athlete who attends ISA graduates prepared to excel in college athletics and academics, and our full-time college placement team helps each student-athlete find the best fit for their future.

Shortly after inception, ISA tabbed experienced coach Dave Briski to help lead the first Basketball Academy program.  Dave’s experience and familiarity with the changing high school and college athletic landscape made him a perfect candidate to help prepare ISA full-time athletes as he has built strong relationships with student-athletes and their families through his time as a collegiate and prep coach.

The inaugural season for ISA includes 35 student-athletes from from 11 different  countries around the world.